About Comfort Paws

Comfort paws servicing glen ellyn and wheaton
I am pictured along with Shifty and Rudy
I would like to introduce myself, I am Patti Reichel, proud owner and operator of Comfort Paws, a professional pet sitting and dog walking service. 
I am a life long resident of Glen Ellyn.  Growing up here, moving away for a few years then moved back.  I raised my children here also.  I have seen Glen Ellyn change and grow.  I use to babysit and pet sit for my neighbors pets growing up.  So I guess you can say it has always been a part of my life.
I own two dogs of my own, Shifty and Rudy.  They both give me joy that words can not describe.  I am also a now retired Certified Dog Trainer, earning my certification through Animal Behavioral College.  So in addition to my dog training business I decided to create Comfort Paws, a professional pet sitting and dog walking service. 
I have learned that it is animal nature for dogs and cats to thrive and be happier when in the comforts of their own environment.  They may not have you there, but they can still have the sights, sounds, smells, favorite chair, window sill to sit on and eat their food out of their own bowl.  Your pets can have their favorite sun spot to lay in everyday to soak up the sun.  They can't always be with you but they can still receive loving care in their OWN comfortable and clean home.  Pets in their own home while owners are gone on vacation, a business trip or a weekend away will also remain healthier and their days less stressful.  Pets always miss their owners, but there is nothing like the comforts of home to ease their longing for your return.  
pet sitting in the pet's  home
Comfort Paws means
comfort for pets, peace of mind for owners
dogs, cats, fish, birds, rabbit
Comfort Paws look forward to servicing you and your pets no matter furry, feathered or multi-colored.