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Puppy Pack Dog Boarding
We are Located right near
Disney, Universal, Gatorland
and SeaWorld
Leave your dog's at a beautiful
doggy resort, while you are
vacationing in your resort!      
     Games!                                       Cuddling!      Fetch!     Tuggy! Fun! Fun! Fun!  

Dog Boarding 


First night is free with a package of three
nights or more!


Come and meet Don and Pat and her two
therapy dog's, Tikanni and Tikibear, and
if you have any questions with behavior
or training you can receive a free one
hour training consultation and tour!




My nightly rate for well behaved dogs, potty trained, ect. staying in my home and graduates.

$25 a night




Dog’s that need help with training.

My nightly rate for stays that include puppy training, potty training or behavioral training.


until they graduate

per dog/night



Additional Dog Rate

For each additional dog from the same client.

$20 for the second dog

$10 for the third dog

per dog/night



Extended Stay Rate

My nightly rate per dog for longer stays. Given on request.


per dog/night

Puppy Rate

My nightly rate for puppies under 1 year old.


includes one printed lesson

until they graduate per dog/night



Bathing and Grooming Rate




Set of private training lessons

       $200                                                                                                                                                                                               We cannot accept aggressive dog's for boarding, for the safety of the other dog's visiting, although we do offer private training for them.                       



We can

 hardly wait to meet you
little nippers!


Come on over for a visit!




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