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        My Mission Statement 
      As a Behavioral Dog Trainer, it is my mission to prevent as 
many behavioral problems in dogs as possible, and to teach dog owners how to minimize or eliminate those problems that have developed.  It is my mission to strive to help to achieve a bond of trust and affection between the owner and their dog, so that they can enjoy a long and happy life together.  I also strive to help as many dogs as possible to be trained well enough to be used as therapy dogs.  That way the community, as well as the family, can benefit from all that your dog has to offer.
Come stay with Aunty Pat and Uncle Duncle


·      Leave your dog in a safe environment, with a certified, experience dog professional.

·      Two caregivers, loving and playing with your dog, as well as two well trained, therapy, nanny dogs, specifically trained to care for other dogs.

·      We have a fenced yard, with agility equipment, and double enclosures, to ensure they do not mistakenly get out.

·      Plenty of toys to play with, dishes, and leashes!  No need to leave any.

·      Thunder coats available for those stormy times, if needed.

·      We take care of any allergies, medication, or special instructions. Pat is a Animal Behavioral College certified behaviorist.  She is vet recommended, as well as having worked for vets.

·      Your dog may pick up some new tricks, while on their visit.

·      T touch massage is given if the dog enjoys, this.

·      Games played throughout the day.  

·      My dogs have vaccinations, flea, worm and tick treatment and are clean. Please make sure your dogs have the same, and bring their food, and snacks, with instructions for feeding.  

·      Parks nearby for walks, if the weather permits.

·      My dogs love all other dogs, especially the little ones. My female thinks they are her babies and takes especially good care of them. Both of my dogs are very gentle while playing.

·      We have lots of big fluffy beds, laying around that the dogs love. We have two parks within a block, one is off leash, the other on leash.

·      We have a doggy door, so they can come and go, as they please. 

Large and small dogs are kept separate, unless supervised, for safety.

·       Aunty Pat has years of experience working in kennels, humane society, and veterinary offices.








Pat speaks from the heart, injecting humor and compassion into all her work. She strives to inspire pet owners and pet professionals to take an active role in learning the language of animals and teaching them appropriate behaviors through humane and science-based training.

When her two sons, Jason and Daniel, were young, she ran a daycare for nine years.  Today, Jason’s a carpenter, with plans to work with animals as well.  He has always had a great love of animals.  Daniel has earned his Bachelor's degree in physics in Kalamazoo.  He has since moved back to Canada and is presently working as an Engineer.  Daniel is also an author, having published a book. 
Her husband, Don has worked in Information Technology for many years.  He is a great asset to the dog training business, assisting in too many ways to count.  He spends a large amount of time training and caring for the dogs. 

       Pat has attained her dog training certification through the Animal Behavioral College in California.  She has volunteered at Mackenzie’s Animal Shelter, and trained at Kent County Humane Society.  Education is important to her, so she keeps up on all the latest in dog training tips, she owns over fifty dog training seminars, constantly reading and studying up on all the latest techiques.  Pat and Don moved to Kalamazoo thirteen years ago, from Burlington, Ontario, and now live in Orlando Florida. They love to bikejore with their sled dogs, through the many trails in our area .  After training dogs in Michigan for eight years, and running a Dog Training school in Hastings, Michigan we now find ourselves in Orlando Florida.   Pat also teaches seminar's for dog trainers as well.  She has conducted a seminars for the 4H club in Michigan on dog aggression.  
The Hoeksema's are committed to providing you with the best techniques available in the dog training market.  We work in small groups to get the best results.  We take the time that is necessary to help you to master these dog training techniques.

My Training  Philosophy

“Dogs often behave like small children”. You’ve probably heard this comment from fellow dog owners. Puppies, like children, can be sweet, innocent and playful. They’re not born with the knowledge of what is proper behavior.
I can help you learn better more effective ways to communicate with your pet. My methods are positive and very effective.
I love dogs, all dogs, big and small, puppy and adult, purebred and mixed. As an ABC Certified Dog Trainer, I have the knowledge and skill to help you enhance the relationship with your canine friend. The key to this relationship is an understanding of your dog’s behavior combined with consistent effective training regardless of age. While the best training period is during the puppy months, older dogs are extremely responsive. I believe whoever said “You can't teach an old dog new tricks” just didn't know how.
My training programs teaches your dog to accept you as a benevolent leader. The end result will be that your dog will learn to listen to your cues while you eliminate or curtail unacceptable behavior challenges.
This will be accomplished while keeping your dog’s tail wagging!
This is positive training that really works! Experience the difference! 

As a Certified Dog Trainer, I am trained to assist you in achieving some or all of the following goals with your pet:

1. Prevention of behavior problems. I can help you teach your dog proper housebreaking methods, as well as how to curtail chewing and prevent unruly behavior in your home.

2. Learning to listen. My program will teach you how to communicate effectively and humanely with your pet. Teaching your dog basic cues is of critical importance, particularly when it's done in a humane positive fashion.

3. Solving behavior problems. While an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, many clients’ dogs have already existing behavior challenges. I will assist with reasonable effective solutions to common behavior problems. Learn how to deal with nipping, jumping, chewing, digging, barking, housebreaking, unruly behavior, boundary training and more without having to resort to the use of intimidation to establish control.

4. Listening around distractions. Once your dog’s foundation of understanding has been taught, it becomes critical for your pet to learn to listen around distractions, such as other dogs, people, small animals, and cars. Proper control around these distractions could save the life of your dog.




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